SDRA gives back to service dog awareness as well as other K-9 charities and organizations.


After several falls and some major injuries ~ I now take Katie (my Yellow Lab) almost everywhere I go. I feel an amazing sense of security just having her by my side. People haven’t even noticed the brace that I’ve worn worn on my arm for almost a year, but they seem to notice my “service dog” with her harness and id tags, so I get nods and thumbs-up, and much more consideration from strangers. And the Big Plus for Katie (besides being with me) is the comfort of the harness… it’s so much better than the pinching and pulling of the collar leash. Thanks to Service Dog Registration of America, Katie and I have a much better quality of life!
Patricia GolmonCarmel, California

My alert dog and I appreciate you guys more than you know. I’m actually in tears right now because of what you guys have done for me and my dog and I just wanted to write and let you know what this means to me. Sorry for rambling but thank you thank you thank you!!!
Kim ParrottWest Palm Beach, FL

You guys are great! Exemplary Service from both Andrew and Justin! My life has changed so much and I’m never hassled anymore when taking my diabetic alert dog Sunshyne into the local stores with me. Thanks again and I also referred my friend Tracy who has an emotional support animal to you guys for an ID.
Herbert G WashingtonAbilene, TX

Thanking you with praise for providing the handicapped support in what I can testify as a life saving aid as my “Shorty” has awakened from deep sleep getting my to give myself life saving injections prior to going into a diabetic coma! Sincerely, Jim Gilbert (Shorty’s handler & Daddy)
Jim GilbertSavannah, GA