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How to Leave Your Dog at Home and not Feel Guilty


Dogs can be one the greatest companions for people who may live alone. They provide an
emotional connection, a responsibility, and quite simply…a good friend to come home to.
Unfortunately, that also means that these dogs are often left alone for long stretches while
their owner is away at work. Some dogs can handle this better than others. Certain breeds
simply can’t be cooped up all day without becoming mischievous, and very young or old dogs
might need to be checked on more regularly. So how do you set you and your furry friend up
for success while there’s no way around that 8-hour workday?

The most obvious solution is to simply not leave them alone! Today, many offices allow dogs to
accompany people to work. Sometimes it’s just once a week, but it’s not uncommon for places
of business to have friendly dog policies. If you work at such a place already, you might already
know that. But if you aren’t so sure how your company would react, that shouldn’t stop you
from inquiring. For all you know, it may be easier for you to bring your little guy to the office
than you think.

Of course, not every place of business is so progressive when it comes to pets in the workplace.
If that’s the case, you’ll want to do everything you can to set your dog up for success at home
while you’re away. Dogs are intelligent, emotional creatures – that’s why we love them so
much. It also means that the worst thing for them is to be left alone in an unstimulated
environment for long periods of time. There are all kinds of dog toys specifically designed to
keep dogs engaged for long periods of time while they’re alone. You want your dog to be
engaged while at home, not feel like a prisoner in solitary confinement.

If you have the money and the service is available, you might want to consider a dog walker as
well. If you don’t have someone in the area that you trust, there are great online services like
Wag that set you up with pre-screened and reliable dog walkers that can come spend some
time with your little guy during the day. These services are used by people all over the country
and are reasonable, reliable options.

Another important strategy that won’t cost you any money is set up a good routine with your
pet in the morning. Make sure to go on a walk and spend some time together before you leave
for work. Rushing out the door without any quality time won’t just make you feel guilty, it will
actually cause your pet more separation anxiety too. Leaving on a good note after some quality
time can go a very long way. And you’ll even get some exercise in the process.

Finally, there’s a reason that people who loves dogs often have more than one – they make
great companions for each other! We’ve said before that dogs are social and emotional
animals. Like people, they do better in groups than alone and there’s nothing better to keep
your dog happy and engaged throughout the day than another four-legged friend. Naturally,
you’ll have to consider whether you have the space, time, and money for two dogs – but if you
do it can be one of the best options.