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Is Pet Insurance Right For You? Part 1


Sometimes it seems that owning a dog can be an endless list of new things to learn. Of course,
to a degree that’s true, and why shouldn’t it be? Our dogs are cherished members of our
families and to give them what’s best can mean you’re constantly doing research and learning
more – that’s a good thing! Let’s discuss a topic that can bring up a lot of stress in people’s
lives: insurance. Yes, pet insurance is a very common option. Unfortunately, many people shy
away from it either because they see it as an unnecessary financial burden, or they don’t know
where to start learning more about it in the first place. So is pet insurance worth the effort and
if so, what kind is right for you and your dog?

To answer the first question, yes! There are several kinds of pet insurance and in most cases
one of them is always right. The most basic is often called “wellness insurance.” This basic
insurance covers things like annual checkups, teeth cleanings, vaccinations, and treatments for
pests like fleas and ticks. Many vets offer this package and when you bring a new dog in for his
or her first checkup it’s a good idea to ask about this. Considering that an annual exam alone
can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, wellness insurance usually pays for itself pretty

The second most commonly used insurance is illness insurance. While a young dog might not
need this right away, it’s still important to get the insurance before your furry friend gets too
old. Just like with our own insurance, the more pre-existing conditions a dog has, the harder
and more expensive it is to sign up for this service. Illness insurance tends to cover things like
arthritis, allergies, and even cancer if the program is good enough.

Finally, you may not want to rule out accident insurance either. Accidents can’t be predicted,
and this can be one of the saddest things that happens to a lot of families. We have heard so
many stories of families who one day had a healthy happy and loving dog, only to have to make
a heartbreaking decision to put their pet down after a horrible accident. A lot of the time saving
a dog’s life can be relatively easy but the sheer cost of surgery or other procedures is just too

The last thing we ever want to see is a family have to make a difficult decision between their
beloved dog and their finances. Choosing an insurance isn’t something you need to be an
expert on before getting a new dog. However, you should at least be aware of its importance
before looking into a pet. It’s good to have done some research and go into your first vet visit
with a good idea of your options. Depending on your personal finances, the age and type of dog
you have, and your dog’s lifestyle, there is a great plan out there for you both. At the end of the
day, the peace of mind alone will be worth the investment!