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Picking the Right Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is a hugely important part of being a responsible dog-owner. We’ve already
touched on the pros and cons of pet insurance, as well as what you can expect in general from
the services. If you haven’t seen those posts yet, you might want to go check them out. If you
already feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of pet insurance in general, it’s time to learn
more about how to choose the right insurance for you and your best friend.

As with anything else you’re new to, you’ll want to do your research. There are all kinds of links
that can give you side by side comparisons of the most common options out there. This one in
particular, from Pet Insurance Review, might be a good place to start. Remember, you’re not
only looking at monthly cost and deductible, but also what is and isn’t covered and what is or
isn’t available in your area. Just like with regular insurance, the research phase can be a bit time
consuming. But moving forward with a plan you feel absolutely comfortable with is a great

Once you’ve identified an insurer that you think you feel good about, do some more research
into that company’s reputation. Instead of comparing them to competitors at this point, you’ll
want to see if there have been many complaints, how well they’re rated, and what kind of
customer service they provide. An insurance company that has great numbers and looks great
on paper isn’t always the same thing as a great company in general.

You may already know what’s covered on the plan in general, but it’s just as important to pick a
plan that has the right things covered for you and your furry friend. Take into consideration
your dog’s health, age, and lifestyle as well as your own financial means. An insurance plan that
looks the best at first glance might not necessarily match your own personal needs. Just like
with everything else related to making your dog’s life as fulfilling as possible, being honest
about your and your dog’s lifestyle needs is hugely important.

Finally, and we can’t stress this enough, enroll your dog when they are young and healthy! If
you think it’s hard for a human to get insurance with a pre-existing condition, it’s even harder
for a dog. In fact, pet insurance in general doesn’t really cover pre-existing conditions at all.
That means that if and when your dog develops an illness or ailment of some kind a new
insurance provider won’t take him or her. However, if you’ve already been enrolled in a
program for years, you’ll be just fine. Even if your uninsured dog doesn’t have pre-existing
conditions, it’s always more expensive to enroll an older dog than a younger one. Whether this
is fair or not, it’s by and large the way the pet insurance industry works.

Insurance is one of those things many people don’t tend to think about until the day they need
it. Our dogs are loving members of our family and just like their human family members, they
deserve to be taken care of the right way.