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Some Obvious and Surprising Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog


It may surprise many people to know that domesticated dogs are not strict carnivores. They
actually get a lot of their nutrition from certain kinds of vegetables and grains. That being said,
it might be going too far to say they are omnivores. Us humans can eat just about anything – in
fact, it’s one of the greatest evolutionary traits that modern humans have developed. While
dogs can handle a bit of diversity in their diet, there are a lot of things they can’t eat. We all
love feeding our little friends scraps from the tables, and let’s be honest, it can be hard to say no
to their sad little faces. We’re not here to tell you never to indulge your dog, but some foods
are simply too dangerous for dogs to eat and can lead to serious illness or death.

The most obvious culprit on this list is chocolate. Pretty much everyone knows that dogs,
unfortunately for them, cannot eat chocolate. The ingredient in chocolate that makes it so
dangerous is called theobromine. It’s not something humans need to worry about at all, but it
can cause dogs to vomit, get diarrhea and become thirsty. In more serious cases, it can cause
seizures, abnormal heartbeat and even death. Theobromine is found is all chocolate, but dark
and baking chocolates have the highest concentration.

Bacon is another food that should be strictly off limits to dogs. In fact, all foods high in fats,
especially high-fat meats, can give a dog pancreatitis. Just as bad as the fat is the high salt
content in these types of meats. The large amount of salt makes dogs overly thirsty. On the one
hand, if they don’t get water, they might become dehydrated. But on the other hand, too much
water can lead to bloat, a potentially fatal condition.

Bacon and other fatty meats aren’t the only foods with high salt content. So much of human
food, especially processed food, has a salt content that is simply too much for a dog. In fact, it’s
probably too much for us too! Any snacks like popcorn or pretzels should be kept at a safe
distance as well.

As we said, there are a lot of vegetables that are very good for dogs – onions and garlic are not
on that list. Aside from giving your dog some horrible breath, these foods can destroy a dogs
red blood cells. It might sound a little worse than it is; these aren’t foods that are likely to kill
your pet. But they can lead to anemia, weakness, and vomiting. You might not think too much
of it because eating these foods in small doses might have no effect at all, but it’s still
something to be aware of.

Another food that you might have around your house which you wouldn’t think twice about are
grapes (and their dried-out cousins raisins). While a dog might eat these foods and have no
problems at all, they can also cause a dog’s kidneys to shut down if eaten in high enough
quantities. This fruit has to be watched closely because, like chocolate, the worst-case scenario
here could be the death of a beloved pet.

Of course, the human world is full of foods that dogs were never meant to eat. While some, like
carrots or a little bread, might be just fine, others can seriously harm your dog’s health. It’s
important to remember that a dog isn’t just your friend, you are its caretaker and responsible
for its wellbeing. Always make sure that human food is out of reach of your dog, no matter