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  • Plush red service dog blanket.
  • Says "I <3 My Service Dog".
  • Can be embroidered with your service dog's name.
  • Fabric designed for comfort and durability.
  • Lightweight and compact. Great for travel or for use at home.
  • There are no refunds on this item if you opt in for embroidery.

It’s no surprise that air travel is stressful. Long lines, large crowds, travelers with short tempers, and cold airline cabins all add to the exhaustion of a long trip. And while for us, all these things might be an inconvenience, for a highly trained service animal they can distract from the important job of keeping their handler safe.


Service dogs are trained to deal with a long list of challenges. While most people tend to think of them as helping people with noticeable disabilities, the truth is that they can help with a wide range of noticeable and not-so-noticeable ailments. The less distracted and uncomfortable they are, the better they can be at helping their handler. And let’s be honest, a good service animal is more than just a helper; it’s a friend and true companion to the handler. The closer the connection between these two, the better job the animal can do and the happier everyone will be. Click here to see our breakdown of major US Airlines’ animal policies.


With these facts in mind, we created a plush travel blanket specifically for service animals. Soft and warm, yet lightweight enough to easily store, it’s an essential tool in the kit of anyone traveling with a service animal. It comes in in bright red so your companion will be seen easily in the travel rush. You also have the option to add embroidery so you can include your name and contact info, your service animal’s name, or any other message you’d like. The blanket is one size fits all, and should accommodate any breed of service animal.

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Service Dog Blanket