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On behalf of everyone at Service Dog Registration, welcome! We are here to supply service dog owners with all the resources and materials they need to navigate society with their service animals. Our aim is to educate the public and create a greater understanding of the role that service dogs play in our world while assisting service dog owners with high quality information and supplies.

Our website features informational resources that outline service dog requirements and policies. We have also established an ID lookup to assist handlers in times of emergency. Our FAQ section addresses common questions about life with a service dog and general information for those who want to know more. Finally, we have a shop for owners and their service animals to outfit themselves with high quality service dog gear.

Who We Help

Service dog owners who need assistance with:

Our products and services primarily help service dog owners who need assistance identifying their trained service dogs in public. People need trained service dogs for a variety of reasons, and many people need these working companions at their side all the time. Registration can help you stay up to date on changing laws and keep you in the loop with important news that can impact your everyday life.

We also provide information so that members of the public can educate themselves about the importance of service dogs and understand the different laws governing their use.

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SDRA Testimonials

Always great service and quality products. This has been my 'go to' place service animal needs. Highly recommend using this company

Robert M

The quality of this leash is amazing! The writing on the leash is clear and easy to see. This leash is the right leash for a small Service Dog like mine, I can now go hands free by just clipping it to my belt loop. The best leash I have ever had! Thanks SDRA for getting this wonderful new product.

Kay B

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You can register additional animals after creating your account

By registering you receive quarterly updates on the Federal Law changes, as well as other pertinent info related to your Service Animal. Simply registering your service dog or purchasing products does not make your pet into a service dog.

What We Do


Our online shop supplies leashes, harnesses, patches, and ID cards. We even provide convenient bundles that will save money when you purchase several related products at once. These kits all come with free shipping.

Registration Process

Please note that registering your dog on our website does not make them an official service dog. That’s what the training is for. Our forms simply provide additional documentation in case of an emergency. By registering you will receive timely informational updates and be part of our greater community. Registering on our site will mean you receive quarterly updates regarding law changes and information relating to service dogs.

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