Service Dog Registration Of America

How Do I Register My Service Dog? 


The benefits that our furry canine companions have on our lives are immeasurable. Service Dogs are trained to provide specific tasks to their owners. These animals can help with tasks such as reminding the owner to take their medicine or picking things off the floor to aid people with limited mobility.

Most commonly dogs, but also miniature horses, these trained animals are not considered pets because they are working. An American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ruling in 2010 validated this claim – stating that government agencies, businesses and any other establishment that serves the general public must allow people with disabilities to bring in their service animals in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go. These dogs are viewed as working companions, considering the functions and tasks they help their owners perform.

Does my dog need to be registered? 

The short answer is no. Service Dogs do not require registration. As long as the service dog has been trained to perform a specific task it can be considered a working animal. While registration is not a requirement it could provide benefit for service dog owners if the registry provides legal updates and info for the owner. Moreover, the products that are sold on these sites can reduce unnecessary attention from strangers since products like the ID kit identifies your dog as a service animal. 

Most importantly, in where a service dog owner us under duress or separated from its owner ID and collar tags can help easily identify the dog or even an emergency contact.

That being said, it is also important to know that if your dog is an emotional support animal, they won’t get the same status as a service animal. Emotional support dogs can provide comfort for peoples suffering from mental and emotional conditions. Unlike service dogs, they are not required to perform any specific tasks for their owners. They are also not covered by the ADA ruling, and so won’t be allowed in most public spaces.  

Is it an easy process? 

Registering your service dog is a simple process and is as easy as filling out a form. It’s important to note that Service Dog Registration of America is not a governmental agency and is not affiliated with or endorsed by a governmental agency. Registration of a service animal with Service Dog Registration of America does not give you any additional legal rights. Rather it helps service dog owners stay in the loop with important information and legal changes impacting service dog owners.

Registered owners can also purchase products that make their lives easier. Service Dog ID cards and travel kits help owners rest easy when walking in public. 

What are the benefits of registering your service dog?

Registering your service dog is not only easy, but has positive benefits that can last you a lifetime.

1.The main benefit of registering your service dog is to stay informed and receive important information impacting owners in a timely manner.

2. The information you receive goes beyond changes to the law, but also provides registrants with important knowledge that can save them money and hassle. For example, we provide important tidbits such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats your service dog expenses as a deductible. All expenses from food to veterinary services to training can be deducted as expenses from your annual tax bill.

3. Finally, we registered users have the ability to purchase useful products for their service dog. Most people know they shouldn’t pet a service animal without the owner’s permission, but some do not. Our products help alleviate both stress and provide visual assistance to a service dog owner. Other products like our ID’s can be placed on a service dog or kept in an owner’s wallet. In the event of an emergency a service dog handler can be contacted by searching for the ID number in our database and filling out the contact form. The contact form will then be sent to a member of our team who will then get in touch with service dog owner directly.


Service dogs are important and registration can be a helpful tool for service dog owners. While not required or enforced by any governmental entity, registering a service dog is a hassle-free process and the benefits far outweigh the time you’ll spend filling the form. Service Dog products can provide much needed, high-visibility as these products help strangers and organizations easily identify that your dog performs an important function to you.