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What is a Service Dog?

Faithful Service Dogs
Hassle Free Service Dog
Registration, Supplies,
and Information

Benefits of Registering Your Service Dog

SDRA Registration Benefits: Flying


Wherever you're traveling, bringing your
service dog with you on flights is
not an issue.

SDRA Benefits: Beaches


Service dogs are allowed to accompany
people with disabilities on
public beaches.

Service dog benefits: Hotels


Service dogs are protected by the
Americans with Disabilities Act allowed to
assist their owners in hotels
across the US.

Service dog benefits: Housing


The Fair Housing Act permits service dogs
to live with their owners in
rental housing.

SDRA Testimonials

SDRA Testimonial

I just want to thank you for making it so easy for me to take my service dog with me. I recently flew on Jet Blue Airline with my dog and had no trouble at all. They didn't ask me any questions and everyone was very nice.

Candyce Bearthompson, CA

Service Dog Registration Testimonial

You guys are great! Exemplary Service from both Andrew and Justin! My life has changed so much and I'm never hassled anymore when taking my diabetic alert dog Sunshyne into the local stores with me. Thanks again and I also referred my friend Tracy who has an emotional support animal to you guys for an ID.

Herbert G WashingtonAbilene, TX

Register Your Service Dog

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Register today and join the largest Service Dog database in the country. We will update you anytime the Federal Laws change, as well as other pertinent info related to your Service Dog.

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Ultimate Service Dog All Access Kit
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Professional Service Dog Certification Kit

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