Service Dog Registration Of America

What To Do If Your Service Dog is Denied Access


If you suffer from a disability, life can be difficult without your furry canines. Service animals provide the opportunity to interact with the world in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. However, if you’re concerned about being denied access to public places, you don’t have to worry.

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How To Adopt a Retired Service Dog


Did you know that former service dogs can be adopted after they retire? In fact, these retired pooches are incredibly popular. Like people, some dogs retire due to old age and are looking for a relaxing place to spend their golden years.

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Do Service Dogs Have To Wear A Vest? [Expert’s Answer]


Service dogs are an invaluable asset to many people with disabilities. They're more than just man's best friend - many handlers rely on their dogs to navigate their daily lives. These furry companions are often seen wearing vests that identify them as official service dogs. Here, we discuss the ins and outs of these vests.

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Can You Have Other Dogs with a Service Dog?


Yes! In theory, introducing a service dog in your home where there are already other canine pets should be a walk in the park, but the reality? Well, it's a little more complicated.

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Do Service Dogs Have To Be on a Leash at All Times?


Service dogs are lifelines for their owners. For people living with physical or psychological disabilities, the assistance that service dogs provide is life-changing.

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