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How to Register Your Dog as a Service Dog in Florida in 2023

Wednesday - June 7, 2023
Service animals bring unlimited help, care, and companionship into the lives of the owners who train and care for them. It only makes sense to make life easier for them[...]
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Service Dog

Can You Have Other Dogs with a Service Dog?

Wednesday - June 7, 2023
Yes! In theory, introducing a service dog in your home where there are already other canine pets should be a walk in the park, but the reality? Well, it's a[...]
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golden service dog wearing a vest

Do Service Dogs Have To Wear A Vest? [Expert's Answer]

Wednesday - June 7, 2023
Service dogs are an invaluable asset to many people with disabilities. They're more than just man's best friend - many handlers rely on their dogs to navigate their daily lives.[...]
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Service Dog Leash Laws: Do Service Dogs Have To Be on a Leash at All Times?

Wednesday - June 7, 2023
Service dogs are lifelines for their owners. For people living with physical or psychological disabilities, the assistance that service dogs provide is life-changing. While these helpful friends are legally protected[...]
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Best Service Dog

How Do You Prove Your Dog is a Best Service Dog?

Saturday - July 23, 2022
Since the 1920s, the service dog has helped aid people with disabilities. But it’s only recently that the public has begun to realize the tremendous benefits dogs can have for[...]
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Americans with Disabilities Act

What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Friday - July 22, 2022
The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was and still is a historic piece of legislation that impacts any person with a disability and even the non-disabled people in their[...]
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Service Dog Vest

3 Tips on How to Select the Right Service Dog Vest

Thursday - July 21, 2022
Service dogs do incredible work and aid their owners in various life-changing ways. Because of this, the equipment they use should serve the same purpose so that they can continue[...]
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ADA and Service Dog Registration

ADA and Service Dog Registration—What You Need To Know

Wednesday - July 20, 2022
If you're an individual with a disability, a service dog may change your life. 
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Best Dog Breeds

7 Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday - July 19, 2022
With anxiety and depression rising at record levels nationwide, many are turning to alternative forms of relief. Some seek alternatives to prescription drugs, while others look for additional aids to[...]
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Well trained service dog

5 Signs of a Well Trained Service Dog

Saturday - June 11, 2022
Service animals, particularly canines, can be life-changing assets for folks with physical disabilities and those suffering from severe mental disabilities or a history of trauma. 
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