Service Dog Registration Of America

5 Signs of a Well Trained Service Dog


Service animals, particularly canines, can be life-changing assets for folks with physical disabilities and those suffering from severe mental disabilities or a history of trauma.

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California Service Dog Laws and Service Dog Registration 2022


Here, we cover service dogs and how California state and federal law affects them. These laws determine what protections extend to both the owners and the animals.

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Florida Service Dog Laws: A Complete Guide


Under both state and federal law, people with disabilities have the right to bring their service dogs in public places. They also have certain protections for things like housing and travel.

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Can You Take a Service Dog to School? What to Know


Service animals offer the support needed to get through challenging tasks. They are great aids for individuals who have a disability and need help completing physical tasks. Service animals are trained to do the work and help their owner with specific needs. They are highly skilled since they must go through hours of training sessions.

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The 14 Best Service Dog Breeds of All Time


It might surprise you to learn that any breed can be considered a service dog. That’s right—the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not discriminate when it comes to service dogs. As long as the dog is trained to help its owner with their disability, the ADA will recognize it as a service dog.

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