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Thursday - May 28, 2020 - 5:25

Service Dogs' Supporting Role During The COVID-19 Pandemic: How They're Helping People

Millions of people are living in a world filled with social distancing and uncertainty. It's essential to see the silver lining throughout the COVID-19 pandemic until our lives get back to normal. 

In difficult times like these, service dogs help and support their owners. They lend a helping hand when we need it most – not to mention, many of our pets are home alone all day. They'll enjoy this extra time with you just as much as you will!  

As long as you're not feeling sick, spend additional time with your service animal. If you're self-isolating with minimal social contact, seek your dogs' company. They are there to offer you both physical and emotional benefits

Here are six ways service dogs help and support people during COVID-19:

1. Reduced Feelings of Loneliness

Self-isolation is harder for some of us than others. Especially if we live alone, a service dog can help cope with these feelings of loneliness. Dogs can pick up on emotions. They sense when their owner is feeling stressed, sad, or lonely. 

Service dogs are also great listeners. They are happy by just lying next to you, hearing your voice. It's often that saying things aloud offers relief. Simply talking to your pet can help you work through troubling thoughts. 

Consequently, you've likely been watching a lot of shows and movies during this global pandemic. Next time you get comfortable to watch some tv, invite your furry friend to join you. Cuddling with your pet will make you feel less alone. 

Studies have shown that this small act achieves the following: 

• Reduces feelings of depression

• Releases feel-good hormones

• Helps you relax and ease tension

• Lowers feelings of anxiety

• Lowered blood pressure

These caring animals are ready to offer their company any time of the day. 


2. Comedy Relief 

A pet offers some comedy relief, and your service dog is no exception! Even when they're not trying, dogs give us a reason to smile. Whether they're hiding their toys, chasing their tails, or running aimlessly, they're fun to look at. 

Your furry friend is there to offer you nothing but happiness. Laughter is a great way to relieve stress and get one's mind off everything else going around. Your pet loves seeing you laugh and wants to contribute to these positive feelings. After all, if you're happy, they are happy too! 

3. Improved Opportunities for Exercise 

Service dogs make the best companion animals. They will be more than happy to go for a walk with you when you need to breathe in some fresh air. Not only is it good for the health of your pet, but yours too! Don't let this pandemic discourage you from getting your daily exercise. 

Take your furry friend for a walk around your block. We promise they'll be more than happy to join you! This is such an excellent and straightforward way to get some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. You could also greet your neighbors from afar! You'd be surprised how this minor social interaction can go a long way. 

4. Improved Social Connections

You're not the only one going through these tough times. You have friends and family in the same boat. While you can't get together with them for lunch, you can brighten their day with a fun picture of your animals. 

Nowadays, everyone is so wrapped up in the news and social media. Unfortunately, most of the information we're seeing is negative. Instead of sending your friend or relative a news update, shoot them a photo of your pet.

You can do this through a text, email, or video call. This is just another way service dogs bring joy into the lives of their owners and those most important to them! 

5. More Motivation

People with disabilities rely on their service dogs to help them get through the day. However, with this pandemic, sometimes things become too much to handle. This is where these furry animals come into play. 

Owners experiencing challenges or pain will benefit greatly from their service animal. They will help them regain motivation to handle daily chores and add joy to day to day activities. 

A service dog also requires care from the owner. Service dogs need to practice good hygiene just as much as owners do. Bathe them whenever necessary, and if you notice something wrong with them, give your dogs veterinarian a call. This dependence between the owner and pets animal health creates a reason to keep going. 

In short, a service dog will motivate you to stay busy and keep your mind off everything else going around. 

6. Provides Physical Support

The above are great ways service dogs offer emotional support to their owners, but how about physical support? Here is some physical benefits assistance dogs provide people with disabilities:

People in Wheelchairs

Individuals with limited mobility rely on service dogs to provide physical support. There is so much they can help with like: 

• Opening doors

• Turning light switches on/off

• Picking up objects off the ground

• Retrieving objects from other places 

Those in wheelchairs may need their animal to help them from their wheelchair to the bed or toilet. Service dogs can even unload laundry from the dryer. They indeed are a big help to have around!


People With Epilepsy 

A service dog can be beneficial for individuals who have epilepsy. Service dogs are trained to alert their owners before a seizure occurs. This helps prevent injury during the seizure as it gives the owner a chance to find a safe place to sit down. They may warn their owner with a particular signal. This can be pacing, pawing, or intense staring.

During a seizure, they will lie down close to the person having the seizure. Afterward, they will even seek additional assistance if it's needed. You'll be happy you have your service animal throughout COVID-19. 

Bipolar Disorder

Formerly known as manic depression, those who suffer from bipolar are prone to mood swings and emotional volatility. 

Service dogs can support those with bipolar by warning others to give the owner space. Sometimes a bipolar episode is depressive and withdrawn, but other times, it's manic and unpredictable. In the event of the latter, a service dog can help its owner claim the space they need to ride out an episode. 

People with Physical Challenges

Service dogs help those with disabilities that cause pain, fatigue, trouble walking, or limited mobility. They can help people regain balance and prevent them from falling. They're able to carry items and help them cross streets. 

Your furry friend will provide a higher level of safety for individuals with disabilities. Let them be your partner during these hard times and take advantage of all the help they're so willing to give! 


Service dogs are, without a doubt, a blessing to have during these difficult and frightening times. The six benefits mentioned above are only some ways they'll make your current situation and overall life better. Remember that disease control is so important – don't ever risk yours or your service dog's life. 

Practice social distancing as much as you can and seek assistance from others whenever necessary. Get in touch with a real professional at Service Dogs Registration today to learn more about service dogs and how they can help throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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