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On one hand, it probably isn’t that big of a deal if you don’t own a Service Dog or ESA. On the other hand, it may be THE biggest deal for you to consider in 2015.

Perhaps this even goes way beyond our business as well. Way beyond any single one of us individually. Perhaps all of us as a whole. A collective.

A movement.

When I had the vision to create this company- years before Service Dog Registration Of America Inc. was even formed – the majority of our society did not have a clue what a “real” Service Dog was let alone an ESA. They knew about seeing-eye dogs and that was about it.

And now? Well I think it’s pretty clear how we have changed that. Just open up a newspaper, a magazine or even turn on the evening news and you’re bound to hear about another Service Dog or ESA being treated improperly or denied access because they weren’t blind or maybe because their dog was not a Golden Retriever/Lab. Why does this happen you may ask? Because of a lack of education surrounding the Service Dog industry. It all just continues to be swept under the rug. Service Dog handlers just like you are walking into hotels all over America but being sent packing because they don’t have the “proper credentials.” Keep in mind, these are credentials they are NOT even required to have.

Not any longer…not if we have anything to say about it and we refuse to just sit back and let this continue. There is massive power in numbers. With the largest community of Service Dogs and ESA’s coming together in the nation, (close to 100k) we know that we have the power to create a movement here at SDRA.

And the most exciting news of all?

You are here, at the right place, at the right time.

As a market matures, consolidation begins to take place. Example: how many search engines are there? How many App stores are there? How many video sites are there?

Only a few that really matter.

It’s instructive to know why, and I love the answer. The customer – you, me, anyone in the market – is selfish. As we should be. There is nothing noble about paying too much for something. There is nothing noble about loyalty to a brand that offers an inferior solution just because they have served you in the past. There is nothing noble about accepting mediocrity from vendors when excellence can be achieved.

Certain companies have a vision to always improve their deliverables. Day in and day out, small continious improvements help a few companies slowly distance themselves from the pack of “me toos.” The consistent small gains over a period of time add up, and after a while a handful of companies – at most – are so far ahead of the rest of the pack, in terms of servicing the marketplace, that it’s almost impossible for anyone to catch up.

That’s why there is one real search engine – Google. That is why there is one real dominating eCommerce site – Amazon. That is why there is one dominating classified ads site – Craigslist. I could go on, and on, and on.

As a person who originally just had a simple dream to make my friend John’s life easier by allowing him to travel/live with his service dog without the constant struggle of being hassled, it boggles my mind that I find myself at the center of one of the companies leading the way to major change for how you go about traveling and living with your dog. The vision we have at Service Dog Registration Of America, Inc. and focus on continuous improvement have pushed us to the forefront.

The reality is the credit isn’t much of mine to take. I had the vision, sure. Yet, each and every member of our team helped MOVE the vision into reality.

I bring this up to you for an important reason – I need your help with fulfilling a new vision.

Here’s the vision. 2015 is where THE MOVEMENT takes place. What’s “THE Movement?” It’s where preparation and opportunity connect in a wonderful way, where you gain advantages to help you achieve your goals with your Service Animal in a way never before thought possible.

It’s where companies like Service Dog Registration Of America, Inc. can invest an ungodly amount of resources to give you, the customer, advantages that nobody else in the industry can offer. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. 2015 is, in my estimation, where we come together to change the industry forever.

The movement requires application, after proper preparation has taken place. We did the preparation, for the most part, for you in 2014.

Application is now what we’re equipped to do together. “We’re” is the most important part in that sentence. I can’t fulfill on this vision alone. I can’t equip you with enough significant advantages on my own to make your success rate 100% in achieving your given right to the ultimate hassle-free lifestyle to take your Service Dog or ESA anywhere you go.

How will we together take full advantage of THE MOVEMENT in 2015? Well for starters, Service Dog Registration Of America, Inc. has made the initial steps necessary to achieve this vision.

If I could go into a lab and build this key asset, piece by piece from scratch, I couldn’t produce an end result like we have here.

It’s true. The first thing we’ve put in place to help you take advantage of THE movement is hiring a team of the top ADA specialists in the country with their primary objective being to assist YOU.

The thing about “THE MOVEMENT” – and I know this might sound silly – is that it transcends just traveling with your dog. Movements create CHANGE.

For whatever reason, I feel like our team here at Service Dog Registration Of America, Inc. is meant to spearhead THE MOVEMENT. Perhaps it’s just delusions of grandeur. Or maybe not.

I don’t care how much you buy into all this. I just care that you pay attention. Because to not pay attention means you might miss out. On a tangible, practical level, my motivation is to take the value we provide to you up several levels in 2015. It doesn’t matter to you the reason, just my actions that result from that reasoning.

Which is why there will be little talk after today about this. The talking will instead be done through action. See and judge for yourself what MOVES are made to achieve THE MOVEMENT.

With the addition of this incredible group of ADA specialists to our team, I’ve announced the first move in a series of many moves you’ll be positively affected by in 2015.

Wait until you see THE PLATFORM.

My vision for THE MOVEMENT is that even if you resist it, you will only do so in vain.

Now is the time. Now is the place. It’s now or never… and never is no longer an option. It’s not a matter of “if” – it’s a matter of how much.

How much will you benefit? Only time separates us from the answer.

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