Service Dog Registration Of America

Product Description

This Nylon Service Dog Leash is constructed with HIGH quality nylon and zinc alloy hook, Heavy-duty stitching for lasting quality.

  • 48" Length
  • 1 Inch wide
  • Ideal for larger dogs
  • Reflective Service Dog Lettering To Easily Help Identify Your Dog As A Working Dog From A Distance And At Night
  • Currently Available in RED
  • Free shipping

A leash is more than a leash when service dogs are involved. For larger errands or trips, you might want to bring an extensive array of products to ensure that your dog is properly treated. But let’s be honest, for a walk around the block or a quick run to the corner store that’s just a hassle.

This 48 inch leash is not only lightweight and durably constructed of high quality nylon and a zinc allow hook, but it’s also reflective and includes heavy duty stitching which clearly identifies your dog as a service dog from a distance and at night. Currently available only in red, the product comes with free shipping as well.

We have fielded many complaints from our customers about their constant struggle to explain themselves and their service dog to people. Sadly, even though service dogs are well-trained and important companions, some people simply do not understand the laws. Sometimes, a simply labeled product like a leash is enough to deter some of these more intrusive questions.

We created these products with the hope that you will not have to explain your service dog, or your personal medical condition, to anyone and everyone you come across on the street.

Shipping Policy

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Nylon Service Dog Leash (For larger Dogs)