Service Dog Registration Of America

Product Description

Official Service Dog ID includes:

  • Listing in our email database to keep you updated on federal laws, legal changes, and applicable information from the ADA and other government organizations.
  • One PVC ID that displays a photo of the service dog, lists the service dog's trained task, includes handler name and contact information and lists out a second contact in case of an emergency.
  • These ID's can be attached to the service dog's collar in case the owner gets separated and needs to be found. Additionally, it can be used as a medical alert card should need be. 
  • A searchable ID number (ID numbers are only generated when a Service Dog ID card is purchased).
  • ID's are made with the handler's and animal's name along with the photograph that is submitted at registration. If you need your name corrected, or want your photograph changed please email before placing your order with your request. If your order has shipped we cannot guarantee any requested updates will reflect the shipped items.
  • Free Shipping

Service Dog owners do not have a legal obligation to provide ID's or other identifying harnesses for their trained animals. Still, we've heard from our thousands of service dog customers that these types of products most certainly help them with their everyday lives. We've designed our ID's as both a means of identification and as an emergency contact solution should a handler and their service dog ever separate.
The information a service dog owner provides will be stored in our database. It is up to the owner how much information is displayed on their personalized card. In the event of an emergency, an ID search can be performed on our site using the unique identification code on the card. The searcher will then have the option of contacting the service dog owner directly via email. These ID's give the service dog owner the option to include a name and service dog’s name and photograph along with an emergency contact. Please note that we protect all personal contact info. Should a service dog owner ever separate from their dog they can rest easy knowing this product can unite them.

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail within the United States and Puerto Rico. International shipping is not available.

Embroidery Time - If your order has embroidery please note that it may take up to 7 business days for our office to complete the order after the tracking ID is created. Total processing and delivery time can be up to 2 weeks or more.

Overnight and priority mail shipping are no longer available due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Once an order is marked shipped please allow 2-3 days for a post office scan.

Service Dog ID