Service Dog Registration Of America
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7 Important Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian about Your Dog


In order to get the most out of each visit that you make to your veterinarian with your dog, you should ask lots of questions. The answers that you receive can help you to take better care of your pet, safeguarding his health and promoting his happiness. Here are 7 important questions that you should be asking your veterinarian about your dog.

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The Various Types Of Service Dogs And What They Do


Service dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities. Service dogs are more than just guide dogs for the blind. Service dogs are working dogs. In addition to hearing dogs and guide dogs, there are also seizure alert dogs, and service dogs doing housework for people with limited mobility. Children suffering from emotional and psychological trauma, as well as war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) all benefit from having a service dog by their side.

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What An Amazing Marine!


Read this amazing story of a Marine Corporal named Kiddy who got more of a welcome then she expected on her flight home to retirement. 

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