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Dog Food Do’s and Don’ts


These days, there are more choices than ever when it comes to dog food. Of course, this might
say more about people than it does about dogs. Yes, different dogs have different needs but at the
same time, you can never underestimate the human propensity for following trends. One recent
development in the dog food world has been the introduction of raw food options in a dog’s diet.
So, is in an already crowded field of dog food, is raw food a trend, or something worth paying
attention to?

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Is Pet Insurance Right For You? Part 2


Pet insurance is an area that, much like the insurance we get for ourselves, can be just as
confusing as it is important. There are a lot of pros and cons to getting pet insurance and while
we recommend some form of insurance for your furry friend, the decision is ultimately up to
you. We’ve touched on some pet insurance basics in another post, but let’s dig a little deeper
into some of the details.

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Is Pet Insurance Right For You? Part 1


Sometimes it seems that owning a dog can be an endless list of new things to learn. Of course,
to a degree that’s true, and why shouldn’t it be? Our dogs are cherished members of our
families and to give them what’s best can mean you’re constantly doing research and learning
more – that’s a good thing! Let’s discuss a topic that can bring up a lot of stress in people’s
lives: insurance. Yes, pet insurance is a very common option. Unfortunately, many people shy
away from it either because they see it as an unnecessary financial burden, or they don’t know
where to start learning more about it in the first place. So is pet insurance worth the effort and
if so, what kind is right for you and your dog?

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Do Dogs Get Depressed?


We’ve talked before about what intelligent and social animals dogs are. For the most part,
these qualities are exactly what make dogs such great companions for people. But dogs’
emotional intelligence and need for companionship means that they can be higher
maintenance than other pets. You’ll likely not see anyone concerned about the mental health
of their goldfish, but for dogs, this is a serious issue that many of them (and their human
handlers) struggle with. In this post, we’ll go over some of the signs that your dog might not be
in the best emotional state.

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Crate Basics


A crate can be a great asset and a place of calm and safety for your dog. But getting your dog to
acclimate correctly to a crate is more than simply buying one and putting the little guy in it. Like
everything else when it comes to dogs, it requires research, patience, and decision-making.
Let’s go over some of the steps you’ll want to take to make sure your dog takes to a crate

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