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Can I Take My Service Dog on an Airplane?


Yes. Service animals are welcome on all carrier flights. Service dogs include guide dogs and dogs trained to assist people with hearing, balance, and mobility impairments such as those in a wheelchair. 

Each airline has unique policies and rules about traveling with a service dog. A bigger percentage of airlines require you to let them know in advance if you are planning to travel with your dog. 

During the flight, the animal should sit on your lap or on the floor. The service dog shouldn’t block the aisle way or sit in emergency exit rows. The dog should be in your control at all times. You are not required to pay any pet travel fees when you are flying with a service animal.

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Picking the Right Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is a hugely important part of being a responsible dog-owner. We’ve already
touched on the pros and cons of pet insurance, as well as what you can expect in general from
the services. If you haven’t seen those posts yet, you might want to go check them out. If you
already feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of pet insurance in general, it’s time to learn
more about how to choose the right insurance for you and your best friend.

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Dog Allergies – Treatments at Home and at the Vet


In an earlier post, we discussed some of the most common allergy symptoms in dogs. Like
humans, dogs can suffer from food allergies, as well as seasonal and environmental allergies.
Unfortunately, allergies themselves can’t usually be cured and it can be a long and frustrating
process even figuring out what your little friend is allergic to in the first place. There are many
treatments, both in home and from the vet, that can relieve your pet of the worst symptoms.
This is important not just for your dog’s comfort, but his overall wellbeing. Allergies that go
untreated can lead to infections that require more serious intervention.

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What Our Dogs’ Names Say About Us


On this blog we share a lot of useful information on everything from the best food to buy your
furry friend, how to deal with vaccinations, the best dog for your lifestyle, and so much more.
With all that useful but serious information, sometimes it’s important to just relax with some
fun dog facts. With that in mind, we are happy to share with you the official list of last year’s
most popular dog names! Yes, that’s right, just like children, dog names come in and out of
fashion. So, what names made the top ten this year and what were the dog name trends in
general. Let’s find out.

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Mental Health and Dogs


Like us, dogs are intelligent and social animals. While that’s great most of the time, it also
means they can suffer from a lot of the same mental health issues we do. Compounding the
problem is the fact that mental health (whether in dogs or in people) still to this day comes with
a lot of stigma attached to it. In another post, we went over some of the signs you can look for
if you think your dog might be suffering from issues such as depression or anxiety. If you’ve
already read that, and you think you might be dealing with a depressed or anxious dog, here
are a few things you can do at home to help with the problem.

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