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Staying Warm With Your Dog in the Winter


With Winter in full effect, it’s that time of year to start thinking about how to keep your dog
extra warm during the cold months. Of course, not everyone lives in a cold weather
environment, but even sunny places can get cold enough in the early morning or late at night
for your dog to need some extra protection. That being said, not every dog is built the same.
Some breeds can handle the cold with little to no extra protection, while others would benefit
from a coat on even a slightly chilly day.

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Vaccinating Your New Dog


Researching the right breed of dog, preparing your space to make it dog friendly, and showing your new friend all the love and attention they deserve are all parts of caring for a happy and healthy animal. But there’s a lot more to doing what’s right for your pet than just that. A healthy dog is a happy dog and there’s one big part of dog health that every responsible owner should know about: vaccinations.

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When to Take Your Dog to the Vet


One often overlooked aspect of being a responsible and caring pet owner is trips to the veterinarian. Usually, we take our dogs to the vet when we first get them to make sure they are up to date on shots. Then, for many people, their dog doesn’t see the inside of a doctor’s office again unless there is something noticeably wrong with them. There are really two issues at play here.

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New Year’s Resolution – Dog Edition


With New Year’s right around the corner, it’s natural for people to start thinking about
resolutions and things they want to change in the coming year. Although New Year’s
resolutions get a little bit of a bad rap for famously being dropped halfway through February,
there is nothing wrong with taking the time to reflect back on how we can improve. Of course,
most often we look at ourselves and think about how we can change. But, as a dog owner and a
dog lover, aren’t there things we can do better for our best friends in the coming year as well?
Sure, we know you’re a great friend to your dog! But there is always an opportunity for making
the relationship you have with your pet even more rewarding.

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Traveling With Your Dog Comfortably and Safely


When people are planning a big trip with their dog, there are a few things that most people think to consider. Research into pet-friendly hotels, airlines, and restaurants. Rules about air travel. What kinds of toys to bring with you to keep your furry friend happy.

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