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Make Traveling With Your Dog Easy With These Products


Think about all the things you carry when going on a long trip to make yourself more comfortable. You might have a book, a hat, some snacks, a neck pillow – some people even carry a change of socks in their backpack! While a dog might not need as much as you do, they’re still sensitive and intelligent animals that do better with some creature comforts. Just like you wouldn’t get on a 12-hour flight with nothing but the clothes on your back, your dog shouldn’t have to suffer through an already stressful experience either. Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to be hard.

In other posts, we’ve gone over the things you can do to prepare your dog for a long trip. A lot of that has to do with preparing you and them mentally for the transition. There’s also the legal aspect of making sure you have all your papers in order. Once those two steps have been taken care of, you’ll want to start thinking about what you want to bring with you so your pet can enjoy his/her time away from home as much as you do.

For a non-service, non-therapy animal, things are a bit easier because you’re thinking mainly about your pet’s comfort – especially if your little guy is on the smaller side. We recommend investing in a high-quality travel carrier that your pet can fit in comfortably. Many of these carriers can also attach to car seats with special harnesses if you’ll be moving around a lot. Another important and often overlooked item is a travel water bowl. These products are easy to find online and most are made of strong, collapsible plastic so they take up very little room when you’re in transit. Our clients have found these water bowls and containers to be particularly valuable because you never know where you might find yourself.

It’s also important to make sure you have a comfortable harness. At home, you might only have your dog on a leash for short periods of time when you’re walking around the neighborhood. When you’re traveling, there’s a good chance you’ll need to have your dog on a leash for much longer. The more comfortable your pet is, the less likely he/she is to act out or lose control in a busy, strange place like an airport or gas station.

If you have a service or therapy dog, there are some other essential travel products you simply can’t do without. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the legal status of these animals. Many people who travel with service and therapy dogs find themselves being questioned by well-meaning but ill-informed shop owners, pedestrians, and airline employees. The most important thing is for these animals to
be clearly labeled as working dogs. We provide a variety of brightly colored and comfortable vests and patches are available to make sure no one questions that status of your companion or the job they’re doing. We know from speaking with our clients that sometimes even that isn’t enough to stop people from questioning you. That’s why we also provide laminated service/therapy dog registration tags that includes all of you and your companion’s information along with a photo ID. These can be put on keys or in a wallet, so you’ll always have them on hand in a pinch.

All of these items will make you and your dog feel safe and comfortable. But let’s not forget that dogs are smart, sensitive animals that need to be engaged with. Playing with a dog isn’t just about getting energy out – it’s an important part of maintaining good mental health for both you and them. Don’t forget to bring some of your dog’s favorite toys along – it will make the trip more fulfilling for both of you. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what having a dog is all about?