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Dealing With Toxin Scares


In another post, we discussed some of the surprising and not so surprising foods you should you
should keep away from your dog. If you’re on this website, you obviously care for your furry
friend and want to be as good a caretaker for him/her as possible. However, no one is perfect
and accidents do happen. So, what should you do if, despite your best efforts, your dog has
eaten something toxic?

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Some Obvious and Surprising Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog


It may surprise many people to know that domesticated dogs are not strict carnivores. They
actually get a lot of their nutrition from certain kinds of vegetables and grains. That being said,
it might be going too far to say they are omnivores. Us humans can eat just about anything – in
fact, it’s one of the greatest evolutionary traits that modern humans have developed. While
dogs can handle a bit of diversity in their diet, there are a lot of things they can’t eat. We all
love feeding our little friends scraps from the tables, and let’s be honest, it can be hard to say no
to their sad little faces. We’re not here to tell you never to indulge your dog, but some foods
are simply too dangerous for dogs to eat and can lead to serious illness or death.

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Dog Food Do’s and Don’ts


These days, there are more choices than ever when it comes to dog food. Of course, this might
say more about people than it does about dogs. Yes, different dogs have different needs but at the
same time, you can never underestimate the human propensity for following trends. One recent
development in the dog food world has been the introduction of raw food options in a dog’s diet.
So, is in an already crowded field of dog food, is raw food a trend, or something worth paying
attention to?

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Is Pet Insurance Right For You? Part 2


Pet insurance is an area that, much like the insurance we get for ourselves, can be just as
confusing as it is important. There are a lot of pros and cons to getting pet insurance and while
we recommend some form of insurance for your furry friend, the decision is ultimately up to
you. We’ve touched on some pet insurance basics in another post, but let’s dig a little deeper
into some of the details.

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Is Pet Insurance Right For You? Part 1


Sometimes it seems that owning a dog can be an endless list of new things to learn. Of course,
to a degree that’s true, and why shouldn’t it be? Our dogs are cherished members of our
families and to give them what’s best can mean you’re constantly doing research and learning
more – that’s a good thing! Let’s discuss a topic that can bring up a lot of stress in people’s
lives: insurance. Yes, pet insurance is a very common option. Unfortunately, many people shy
away from it either because they see it as an unnecessary financial burden, or they don’t know
where to start learning more about it in the first place. So is pet insurance worth the effort and
if so, what kind is right for you and your dog?

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