Service Dog Registration Of America
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How to Stop Panic Attacks Using Dogs


People love dogs for their calm and loving nature, and many of us find these pets soothing to be around all the time. The empathy we feel from these companions is more than just a myth. Dogs are proven to be emotionally attuned to people in need.

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7 Smartest Dog Breeds in 2022


While it would be a stretch to say that all dogs have outstanding intellect, several breeds are pretty remarkable in their abilities. These intelligent creatures can do everything from herding animals to detecting explosives and narcotics and searching for survivors after natural disasters.

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Can You Get a Service Dog For Anxiety? What You Need To Know


We are living in the age of anxiety. With over 18% of the adult population in the United States suffering from anxiety disorders every year, they are the most rampant mental health issue facing our nation.

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Service Dogs For Children With Autism


We all know animals are incredible. They make great companions for anyone, young or old. Dogs have a reputation for being man's best friend, and they really do live up to this nickname - especially those trained to be service dogs.

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How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog: A Step-By-Step Guide


Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, people across the country living with a disability have been guaranteed the right to keep a service animal to protect and assist them.

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