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Dog Obesity


It may come as a surprise that humans aren’t the only ones suffering from an obesity problem in this country. Pets, especially dogs, are also more likely now than ever before to be overweight. In fact, some people estimate that as many as half of American pets are overweight. As with people, being overweight comes with all kinds of side effects: Heart and kidney disease, arthritis, diabetes and more. Our pets aren’t just our friends, we’re responsible for their well-being and even though it’s hard not to indulge them, we have to consider their health first. Luckily, there are so many easy things to do to get your pet back in shape or, if the little guy is already healthy, that he stays that way.

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Dog Body Language: More Than Just Wagging Tails


Dogs have evolved with humans for thousands of years so it’s no surprise that they have become great communicators. Of course, if you know people you also know that we don’t always listen or pay attention to what we should.

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How To Retire Your Service Dog the Right Way


The relationship between working service dogs and their handlers is one of the closes bonds anyone can have with an animal. These caring, thoughtful, hardworking dogs are literally their handler’s lifeline for years.

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Make Traveling With Your Dog Easy With These Products


Think about all the things you carry when going on a long trip to make yourself more comfortable. You might have a book, a hat, some snacks, a neck pillow – some people even carry a change of socks in their backpack! While a dog might not need as much as you do, they’re still sensitive and intelligent animals that do better with some creature comforts. Just like you wouldn’t get on a 12-hour flight with nothing but the clothes on your back, your dog shouldn’t have to suffer through an already stressful experience either.

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Why Training Your Dog Is So Important


Training a dog isn’t just about teaching it to sit, roll over, and shake hands. In fact, although these tricks are fun, they can miss the point. The most important thing you’re doing when you train a dog is ensuring that it can live safely and reliably in a busy world full of people (and other dogs). It’s tempting to let your dog “run free” in the yard and live a life free of human bondage. But in reality, this is actually a cruel thing to do to a dog. These animals were bred to live with and amongst humans, and by failing to give them the skills to do so, we’re making their lives, and ours, less enriching.

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